We are known for state-of-the-art technology, diagnostic tools, quality parts, and Master technicians.

We provide all types of automotive repair for Foreign and Domestic cars, automatic or manual, light trucks and diesel trucks. Our staff will give you helpful advice to prevent the problem from happening again.

We are family owned and operated. Our technicians are master certified, well trained to reliably and efficiently do an excellent job for every customer. With the complexity of today's automobiles, the consumer must make a careful decision as to who will best service their vehicle at a fair price.

Vehicles have become a major investment in today's economy. We have recognized the need for an automotive repair facility that would be able to properly diagnose and repair today's computer controlled vehicles.

Fat Joe's Auto Repair & Transmission Repair is dedicated to offering the community with a professional, and ethical automotive repair facility that is driven by a dedication to customer service. The commitment to the success of the business, to the serving of the community, and to the betterment of the industry, will keep us focused on the value delivered to the customers.




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